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King of the Circle:
There are no teams. It's every man and women for themselves! All players are gathered inside a designated circle and the goal of the game is to eliminate all your opponents by evicting them from the circle. Once a player is knocked out of the circle, he or she may not return to the game. The player that remains inside the circle will becomes the KING or QUEEN of the CIRCLE!

Spartacus or Last Man Standing:
Two teams are facing each other and the goal is to put every other player of the opposing team down on the ground. Once a player touches the ground with their ball, they are eliminated and must return to their side. At the end of each round, the winning team earns the amount of points equal to the number of players they have remaining.

Protect the General:
Two teams are facing each other. Before the beginning of the game, each team must select a general. The two generals will wear a jersey to identify the general. As soon as the whistle is blown, the two teams compete with the objective of putting down the general of the opposing team. All players can hit the ground and get up without being eliminated from the game except the general.

Secret Generals:
Same as above, but you do not identify the generals and only reveal their identity when they are knocked down and game ends.

Sharks and Minos / Red Rover:
One man stands in the middle of the field/court and everyone lines up on one side. On the whistle everyone attempts to run over to the other side without being knocked over by the person in the middle. If someone is knocked down, they join the original person in the middle and help them put people down during the next round. This process repeats until there is only one person remaining and they are deemed the winner.

Rules are the same as regular soccer, but you start the game in the beginning and after each score with at "dodge-ball style" sprint for the ball in the center.

Capture the Flag:
Each team has a designated territory. Anyone can be knocked down anywhere. However, if you are knocked down on the other team's territory, you must go to jail and are only freed if a teammate tags you out. Game is won by crossing other team's territory, capturing the flag from fort and returning it safely to your own team's territory.

Sumo Battle / Team Face-Off:
Each team lines up facing each other. First person in each line battle to knock the other over. Winning person earns a point for their team.

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